Most Frequently Ask Questions

Is their transport facility from kilinochchi to other places?

  • Ya sure. We can help you to go anywhere from our hotel.

Are there western foods available?

  • Yes. We can provide common western foods like british breakfast, chinese foods. If you pre-ordered we will prepare for you.

Will you provide training materials for our training programmes?

  • Ya. We can provide loudspeaker, multimedia projector, training designs & styles, board markers & other needed equipment. And we can do the hall arrangements and decorations. You can get good experience under the shady trees in our open hall.

What about medical needs near your hotel?

  • Medical care is available near our hotel. Main hospital situated within 1km and private medical center situated within 50m.

For what purposes we can use your open hall?

  • Open hall of our hotel with accommodation capacity of 100 people makes Solaivanam a fine spot for your various occasions like birthday parties, business conferences, training sessions and for any other special occasions. The hall is well organized with the nice style matching the beauty of the hotel, windows and doors to add elegance to the entire hall and from the first door step the main stage everything is set to give a good feast for the eyes of a visitor.